5 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Event Memorable

Memorable events require creativity. I think we have all been to an event that never really kicks off and is so boring that you nearly fall asleep standing. If that's how you want to run your event, that is totally fine, but for the others that want to have an electrifying night filled with countless memories and incredible stories. Here are 5 ways you can make that happen.
 1.  Performers and/or Musicians

One way to get your crowd excited and involved is by hiring some talent. This can be musicians (drummers, band, singer,etc) or performers ( eg. magicians, dancers, fire dancers, etc). Either way, one of these professionals will be able to connect with your audience and get them up dancing in no time.

  2.  Photobooth

A photo-booth is a deadly weapon in the world of entertainment. It gives your guests an opportunity to bring out their silly side, and only gets better later on in the night when people have had a bit to drink. It also is perfect to give guests something to go home with. On top of that, a good photo-booth will offer photos and videos to the client that can be treasured forever.

    3.  Jumping Castles

Jumping castles should NOT be only for children! Who doesn't love mucking around on a jumping castle? I mean, when I see a jumping castle at a party my inner child start screaming! In all seriousness though, a jumping castle offers the ultimate baby sitter for the children so your guests can be free to socialise.

    4. Production and Sound

If you want to throw a real party, sound and production is key. Having commercial party lighting properly set up with speakers that will vibrate the surrounding suburbs at high quality, will get all guests in the mood to let loose and bring out their crazy selves. Any properly organised event or party will be sure to have this set up the best it possibly can be. This can include laser lights, smoke machines, strobe lights and multi-coloured lights.
5.  Ping Pong Table or Other Activities

It is always recommended to have some sort activities in your parties to keep your guests entertained. Drinking games always work well for the beginning of the night to start people up. Beer pong is always a popular selection. Online has a huge range of drinking games that could give your event the added entertainment for the ultimate party.
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