How to Stay Safe While Partying During COVID-19

How to party safely during Covid-19! An article written by Sam at Raw Edits Drone Footage.

What Does It Take To Be A Photographer?

After completing the strenuous walk across Sydney’s CBD attempting to rationalise the exorbitant parking fee I payed for in a Wilsons Car Park, I finally arrive at the door. Canapé’s, wine and aristocratic laughter characterise the room. I survey my surroundings, every guest at this event probably earns double my annual salary. The CEO notices […]

5 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Event Memorable

Memorable events require creativity. I think we have all been to an event that never really kicks off and is so boring that you nearly fall asleep standing. If that's how you want to run your event, that is totally fine, but for the others that want to have an electrifying night filled with countless […]

Recommendations For Your First Dance

People lack creativity when it comes to selecting their first dance. In my personal experience, it is the most overlooked aspect in a wedding. Why? Because your first dance is a representation of passion for your relationship. This will be the rare moment in time where your friends and family dedicate a few minutes to […]

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist!

Weddings can be stressful as hell. We all have heard about or been around a bride or groomzilla that are overwhelmed by the pressure of their special day. However, thanks to the modern day and age, we are fortunate enough to connect with others around the world that have been through similar experiences that can […]

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