How To Stay Safe While Partying During Covid-19

For most people, it has been months since they have seen friends and relatives outside their homes. To slow down the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic 2019 (COVID-19), the world has joined forces in implementing and following physical distancing measures. At the current time, we developed creative means to see and communicate with loved ones via social media. These virtual engagements have become a consolation, if not a need at these trying times. Without a doubt, the pandemic has changed the way we interact with our dearest ones. 

During the early part of the COVID-19 outbreak, it seemed easy to substitute in-person gatherings with virtual ones as we thought restrictions would be lifted in a month or two. It is always better to stay safe than sorry, right? After all, by following safety protocols, we do not only protect ourselves but our loved ones as well. 

We get to sacrifice the connection and care we share in each other’s presence for our wellbeing. This is felt more during special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. But how much more during once-in-a-lifetime milestones such as births and weddings? Aren’t these too important to miss?

While staying in isolation is safe, it is not good for your mental health. If you are planning to attend or organize an important occasion or party, read the following tips to help you stay safe:

1. Take Your Party Outdoors

Having an outdoor gathering lowers the risk of contracting the virus. The heat of the sunlight can kill the virus and the wind disperses droplets. Plus, open areas prevent viral buildup, in contrast to indoors where particles get suspended on surfaces because of a lack of airflow.

2. Keep up with the News

Stay updated with your local news and rules. The government of New South Wales states that a maximum of 20 people can engage in outdoor home gatherings while weddings can have up to 150 guests. However, these events will only be allowed if the celebrators indicate an understanding of and follow restrictions such as:

● Individuals must stay 1.5 meters apart; and
● There must only be 1 person for every 4-square meter in a premise.
Moreover, close-contact activities such as dancing and singing are strictly prohibited as these can cause viral transmissions.

3. Keep an Open Communication

Communicate safety rules honestly with hosts and guests before the party. This is crucial in setting expectations among the group, especially non-negotiables. If someone is feeling unwell, it might be best for them to skip the party. Plus, this helps set the mood. It would be nice to know the rules beforehand instead of having these imposed or being reprimanded during the party.

4. Employ Safe Greetings

Gone are the days of kisses, hugs, fist bumps, high-fives, and handshakes. These are now replaced by elbow bumps or hip bumps. To remain contactless, these can be substituted by nods or bows.

5. Stay Physically Distant

Apart from the physical distancing measures imposed by the local government, you might want to extend this to scheduling arrivals and departures to prevent people from suddenly congregating in the entrance. Assigning tables and seats beforehand will be helpful so guests can immediately situate themselves. It is best to designate people from the same household to the same area. Moreover, placing distanced markings on the floor, especially for buffets, makes compliance to protocols easier. 

6. Provide Personal Protective Materials

If you are a host, provide face mask, face shields, hand sanitizers, and alcohol wipes for your guests. If you are a guest, it might be convenient to bring your own-and an extra (just in case). 

7. Stay Kind to One Another

Be extra patient in interacting with your loved ones. If you are a host, you might be reducing the number of guests. This may mean that you need to gracefully approach people who expect to be invited. Make them understand that you have considered the best options you have. Also, let people turn your invitation down. If you are a guest and do not feel comfortable attending the event, speak to the host about your worries. If you are an attendee, bear in mind that strict rules are for everyone’s safety benefit. 
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8. Employ Professionals

If you are hiring a caterer, hire restaurants that follow strict guidelines for food handling and preparation. Designated servers must be feeling well, maintain proper hygiene, and wear protective masks and gloves. While using disposable dining plates and utensils are harmful to the environment, these are deemed necessary for our health.

Whether your event is small or big, you might consider hiring One Round Entertainment’s creative professionals to make your party livelier. Whether you are looking for sound and visual services such as MC, music, and other forms of entertainment we have you covered. We make wedding planning easier for couples! Moreover, if you're looking for a professional drone photographer or videographer, Raw Edits can make your intimate event a story worth telling through state-of-the-art photography and videography. 

How can we stay safe while partying during the global pandemic? Follow the above safety measures!

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