Karaoke Machine Hire

Our karaoke machines offer 1000s of songs, weekly uploaded with the latest and most popular songs. Additional to this, our machines are also effectively used as Jukeboxes as a replacement to DJs. They have Bluetooth capability and very easy to use. 

One Round Entertainment services include delivery, installation and pick up of machines and our machines come with 2 x Shure SM58 Microphones, 1xRCF self-amplified speaker and the karaoke machine.

For an additional cost, we can provide a full lighting T-bar, additional speakers and a TV with truss set.

Delivery is free within 10KM of Sydney CBD. Additional costs are incurred outside of this region. Enquire within!

Learn more about our hire packages and how we can assist you.

Karaoke machines are becoming increasingly more popular in Sydney, at house parties and corporate events. With that being said, our karaoke machines have options that can be added on, including TV, Truss and lighting options. 
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