Picking the Right Photographer for Your Event

So you're planning your next big event, your 21st? your engagement? your baby shower? Everyone has a phone to take photos with these days, but with these big events you actually want to live in the moment as they are happening and not live them through your screen.
But NO ONE will know the shots you want to take? Thats when choosing the right photographer is essential.

There are a lot of photographers out there who can simply press a button and capture an image, but you will be lucky to find a photographer who really has the eye for it, someone who can see a room or subject differently and capture it creatively. These are the types of photographers we connect you with at One Round Entertainment.

Now you know where to find them, the next step is the brief. Communicating with your photographer and telling them the exact photos you have in mind is really important. Whatever you're thinking, let them know, create a run sheet if you have a lot of ideas.
However, you should also trust our photographers to capture every angle of your event, even the unexpected surprises that could occur. The really creative photographers will leave you with some beautiful photos you didn't expect and thats the magic of putting your trust in them.

You can check out some of our photographers best work on our instagram @oneroundentertainment we also have some albums up on our Facebook page showcasing some of the party photography we’ve been a part of.
We hope to take photos for you at your next event!
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