DJ Hire

Having a good quality DJ is the heart and soul of an incredible party. With a DJ capturing the audience throughout the night, you will notice that people are more inclined to enjoy the environment even more. 

 A good DJ will know what to play when and how to keep everyone dancing all night long. An even better DJ will know how to play all genres, mixing smoothly, to cater for all different audiences.

What makes us different to the other DJ's around Sydney?

Over the last 10 years it has become increasingly more difficult to differentiate the importance of DJ's at your event. At One Round Entertainment, we studied this and why certain DJ's are more exciting than others. 

We figured out that it was the DJ's with the real passion for music that really influenced the crowd. With that, came experience of reading crowds and keeping them on the dance floor. We ensure that all of our DJ's have the natural passion for music. 

We then trained our DJ's from some of the best in the business and implemented a high standard in presentation, attitude and professionalism. This is our little secret to our success. We also remind ourselves regularly to have fun as we are entertainers.

So if you're looking for great professionals that are fun and easy to do with, please contact us now!


One Round Entertainment
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