Recommendations For Your First Dance

People lack creativity when it comes to selecting their first dance. In my personal experience, it is the most overlooked aspect in a wedding. Why? Because your first dance is a representation of passion for your relationship. This will be the rare moment in time where your friends and family dedicate a few minutes to you and your partner. That is why you should  choose a song that differentiates you to all the other couples getting married.

The Do's and Don'ts.
If you are reading this right now, I am assuming that you are interested in changing
 it up when it comes time for your first dance. In that case, this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you to NOT pick Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Even though the song is great and lyrically adequate, this has to be the most common song ever played as a first dance. You want to be different. You want it to be memorable. 'So what do I pick then?' you may be wondering.

Well this is a very personal choice. Maybe you and your partner shared some love songs that you sang along to on a car drive or maybe the song is from a love scene in your favourite movie. Wherever it is from, ensure that the song is something you both love and not somebody else'
One Round Entertainment client first dance.
This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.If you are really struggling, don't stress. There is help. The first point of contact in a situation like this will be your DJ. If he is your DJ, chances are he has played for many couples and can offer a range of songs that have been successful previously, to give you a good idea of type of songs to go for. 

He will also have a good ear for what would be ideal in your situation. Before you go to a DJ however, it is best to have a list of your favourites to go through with him. This is why it is strongly recommended that you choose a DJ that has had experience, even if it does cost you a little bit more (The price you pay will ensure that all your guests have an enjoyable night and less stress for you).
5 recommendations

You may not have time and have other things to worry about. That's fine- I understand weddings are stressful. So some quick recommendations from me would be:

1. Use Somebody (Acoustic Version) - Isabella  Celander
2. Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You" (Acoustic) - The Script
3. Like I'n Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor, John Legend
4. Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur
5. How Would You Feel (Paean) - Ed Sheeran

I hope this article helps! For more help, feel free to ask away.
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