Truss, Staging & Tables

We offer Mega-deck 1.8m by 0.8m DJ tables for daily hire at extremely affordable prices.

Our mega-deck table is the standard for events, festivals and private functions. It also holds a high load and was built to be the perfect size for club-grade DJ gear.
Safety, professionalism and quality are our priorities when it comes to equipment hire. We use high quality products with the strongest load weight possible to ensure the safety of our customers and the ability to perform at the highest depending jobs.

Additional to this, we use Euro- truss beams with options of 1 metre or 2 metre vertical or horizontal beams.

What are Trusses used for?

Trusses can be very handy for installations of audio-visual, creative equipment, dressing and TV stands. They have a high load weight and also add an effect of professionalism to set ups.
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