Do I Really Need A Professional MC At My Wedding Reception?

Do I really need a professional MC at my wedding reception? Surely my Uncle can do the job?

An Master of Ceremonies (MC) at a wedding serves an instrumental role in orchestrating the smooth functioning of the ceremony. Whether they are introducing speeches, organising photographs, making house keeping announcements or announcing the first dance, your MC incurs a great responsibility to ensure the all the pieces of your special day are glued together to ensure the most effective transitions from each stage of the ceremony. You are discussing the prospect of an MC at your wedding with your family, your uncle volunteers. Before you grant him the capacity to unleash his underwhelming arsenal of hackneyed dad jokes, we suggest that you contemplate the following to ensure you select the best option available to you for your special day.

We believe that having a professional wedding MC is more effective than handing this responsibility to a family member at your event. Firstly, the invaluable event experience that a professional behind a microphone would have in conducting an event is a paramount component to a person’s ability to MC a wedding reception. Knowing how to gain attention, when to tell the jokes and having composure during public speaking is only achieved through experience behind a microphone. It is vital that you are certain that your designated spokesman is capable of doing so prior to being handed the microphone at your wedding. 
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Furthermore, whilst your uncle would be flattered to honour you as an MC at your wedding, there is no denying that this responsibility may impede on his ability to enjoy the night like your other guests. Having this responsibility is a burden on a guest and may incur stress on an individual to represent you on your special night, likely to result in him drinking less alcohol. On the other hand, if he does commits to enjoying some beverages, you may receive an unorthodox narration of your wedding. We’ve seen it on numerous occasions before, alcohol and public speaking do not mix. Do yourself the favour and hand this responsibility to a professional, who you know will guarantee you the experience you deserve on your special night.
This is not to say that your uncle is incapable of being your MC. Some couples definitely appreciate a personal connection with their MC and would rather pass the vocals to someone whom they are affiliated with. Some people are naturally gifted at speaking and if that person is your uncle then go for it. However, our preference is the safe one - knowing that experience is the best recipe for consistent professionalism. Finding a professional MC is simple, you can request one through your venue and your wedding DJ can often intertwine both services. If you are interested in exploring MC options, send One Round Entertainment an inquiry to simplify the stress of your special day.
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